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Past Work

This Page is dedicated to some of my passed work. Functional and Artistic Bowls and Hollow Vessels.


Spalted Pecan Salad Bowl

This functional Spalted Pecan Salad would be perfect for any dinner table. It measures 14" diameter by 5" deep. 

Maple Salad Bowl

This is a large live edge Maple salad bowl with a burnt rim. This bowl measures 14" in diameter by 6" deep. This piece would definitely catch the eye of your guests or can stand alone as a center piece.


Maple open form

This Maple open form bowl was harvested from our front yard and purchased by a collector from a small gallery in Farmville, Va. This piece measures 8" diameter by 7" at the tallest point. This open form stands out on any shelf.

Maple Vessel

A beautiful highly figured Maple vessel that is part of my wife's personal collection. This piece was dropped off at our house by a local arborist. Turned to 1/8" in thickness, this piece has presence on any shelf.

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