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Commission Work

Over the years, we have done numerous pieces for clients that have reached out to us. They have either seen us at shows, social media or by word of mouth. These pieces were turned from trees that came down for one reason or another. Some were due to storm damage, bugs and some to old age. To make a bowl and/or a vessel for a client is extremely gratifying. The client now gets to share the story of the tree through a turning and we get to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Holly's Family Cedar

This is a photo of a Cedar tree that was located on family land. The tree was estimated to be 60-75 years of age. Holly reached out to us by way of Caravati's Inc.. We currently have some pieces for sale.

Cedar Branch

Holly reached out by email. We emailed back and forth and I asked her to send me some photos of the pieces she harvested from the broken limb.


Cross-section of width of limb

This is a view of the cross-section of the branch. Almost 13" in diameter. The piece was also cut to 13". This way I have plenty to work with when it comes to designing a bowl or a vessel. I did have to work around the rot that was in the center of the branch.

Two Cedar bowls for Holly

Holly was able to harvest two fairly large pieces of the branch. I then was able to turn two bowls from the logs. One was a standard bowl with a bark inclusion and the other a natural edge bowl. These will now be family heirlooms for her family and friends to enjoy.

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