Hello, We are Redeemedwoodturning

Jason and Sophie Benkendorf

My partner in life and in business. No one else I would want to do life with. We were recently doing an event this past summer and a lady came into our booth and asked "If was the wood turner?" I replied "yes mam." My wife then replied,  "That she is the everything else." The lady said "Then I need to speak to you." My wife takes care of all the things that I am not good at, she is amazing. Thank you Sophie.


My Support System

Sophie, Lottie Rose, Grammy and Poppy

My parents have been supporting my en-devour from the beginning. It is truly a family affair. They come and help for with booth for all of the weekend shows. For some of the shows we do, we spend the weekend camping. I am truly blessed to have  such a great support system.


This past year my daughter has started sowing our handmade bags. A future entrepreneur. She is a huge help at the shows and is always ready to model one of the bowls as a hat. HaHa!!


Thank you

I feel very blessed to have been given a gift from God to follow my passion of turning wood. I definitely  have gained a stronger connection to Jesus through sharing my story of redemption and sharing the "Good News"  of Jesus Christ. Excited for what the future holds. Be blessed.


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