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The Process

Every Piece starts as a log from a tree

The design process starts at the very beginning. With these layout lines I have determined that I will get 3 pieces from this one log. They may be natural edge bowls, conventional bowls and/or hollow forms. Once I have cut into the log with a chain saw, the design may change.


Mounting on the lathe

Finding the balance point and start shaping

After establishing the balance point between centers, I am able to start shaping the outside with the foot heading towards the tail-stock.



reversing and fine tuning the outside

After the outside is roughly shaped, I the then remove from between centers and mount to a face-plate for the remainder of the process. The face-plate is mounted with 1" screws on the inside holes and 1 1/4" screws on the outside holes. This allows for a very strong mechanical holding while the piece is finished turned and hollowed.


Hollowing the inside

The journeyman part of the process

After I am please with the curve of the outside, I then turn my attention to the inside. This is part of the process where I like to take my time and enjoy. I try and get the thickness to a consistent 3/16". After sanding, this will give the piece a very delicate and pleasing look to the eye. Sometimes I get it close and other times not so much.


Measuring for the depth

Getting closer to the end of the turning process. Using my homemade calipers I am able to get an accurate depth of the bowl and establish the bottom.


Establishing the bottom

After the hollowing is complete. I then establish the bottom of the bowl. I use a homemade caliper that allows me to get an accurate depth of the bowl to get the depth just right.


Turning is completed

Now that the turning is completed. I will leave attached to the face-plate and will set aside to dry for a week or two. Ounce I  have 10-15 pieces dried, I will turn my attention to the sanding process.


Finished bowl

The process is complete, now to share

After sanding to 400 grit and applying a coat of high food grade walnut oil, the piece is now ready to be shared with public. This piece developed a crack during the drying process. I decide to "stitch" with some leather. We believe every piece has an owner. This bowl was shared with my cousin from Illinois.

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