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Current Work

My pieces are all turned green. Meaning that the wood is wet and turned start to finish at one sitting. My turnings are meant to be handled in order to get a connection to the piece. Most turnings are turned to an 1/8" in thickness. This gives the illusion of a piece being heavy, when in fact, the piece is very light. Sometimes weighing less than a pound. These are a few pieces of my current work. The best way to purchase one of my pieces is to come to one of our shows. If you see something that catches your eye, please reach out by email and I can send some photos of these or similar turnings.


Pecan live edge with bark inclusion

This is large Pecan live edge bowl that measures 15" diameter X 6" tall. This is a centerpiece for any table. This piece was harvested from a house in the  City of Colonial Heights. Definitely an attention getter.


Burned Pecan vessel

A burned Pecan vessel that would look amazing holding some dried flowers or resting on a shelf all by itself. This piece measures 7" diameter by 7" in height.


Spalted Pecan Vessel

If you are a collector of wood-turned vessels, this one may be for you. This piece is full of character. There is something to look at from all sides. Measuring in at 7" diameter X 7" in height. Don't let the small size fool ya, this piece has presence.


Spalted Black Oak vessel

The spalted sap wood of the Oak frames the pith of this piece from both sides. The crack on one side from the pith has been "stitched" with suede. This piece measures 9" diameter by 9" in height.


Poplar Pierced Vessel with Oak Pierced Lid

A Poplar pierced vessel with an Oak pierced lid. This piece is large enough to get a hand inside. The inside has been painted black. This piece would also work as an Urn. Measuring in at 9" tall X 8" in diameter.


Red Oak live edge crotch

A piece of Red Oak that was turned from a crotch of the tree. This piece is highly figured from where the branches joined together. This bowl is on the large side as it measures 13" diameter X 6" in height. This piece is currently available at

Please reach out by email for any pieces that catch your interest

Thanks for visiting our website. We welcome your feedback.

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